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Illinois becomes last state to allow CCW! Click HERE!
Dan spoke to various youth from across Ohio at the YMCA Camp Wilson in Bellefontaine OH. Dan was invited, along with Charles Lee-Johnson, to speak on specialized topics to at-risk youth. It was a great experience!
Personal Protection for the Professional? P.A.T.R.O.L. Systems offers customized classes for professional agencies, like probation/parole, job and family service workers, and more. It is geared to those professionals who make home visits as a part of their routine.
Women's CCW Class!
Dan McGee has been invited to speak for The Ridge Project in June, for their summer youth camp! The topic will be bullying and sexting.
Do you know who accepts your CCW license? Check out this link!
Tenative 2013 training schedule is up! Take a look at the available courses and sign up today!
It is a new year, but one where we are going to need to focus on protecting many of our rights. Gun control is coming and we believe that it is going to more extensive and instrusive than ever before. Firearms are an important defesive tool. Not the only tool, but a very important one. For many it is the primary tool for self defense. Help protect your right to carry by being a proactive citizen. Read legislation, contact your congressmen, and join the NRA.
We are currently developing our training schedule this year. I think we are going to do it a little different than in the past. That is, we will schedule various dates upfront and allow you to choose based upon your desire/need. Check back here or "like" us on Facebook and we'll keep you posted!
HAPPY NEW YEAR! One of our CCW classes!
CCW Class: Classes are held in a modern, comfortable
facility with an on-site range.

What can P.A.T.R.O.L. Systems LLC do for you?

We offer intensive onsite training for topics like social issues (e.g. Cyberbullying, Sexting, and more), personal protection, CCW, self-defense, and leadership. We can also help your company/organization design policy on critical incident response and administrative issues. We provide services for law enforcement organizations, as well as private citizens and orgainzations.

McGee speaking to parents about social media Dan McGee, President of P.A.T.R.O.L. Systems LLC,
is a well known and sought after public speaker and trainer. He holds numerous certifications for self-defense instruction, firearms, and has authored many original trainings.

Dan will come to your facility to conduct custom training or provide you with original training. Dan has traveled all over Ohio presenting trainings for both law enforcement and private citizens.

Here, Dan is presenting an anti-bullying speech to parents at a local high school.


  • CCW/Firearms
  • School Programs
  • Public Speaking
  • Custom Training
  • Defensive Tactics/Weapons
  • Law Enforcement Training
  • Online Training
  • OPOTA and NRA Certified Instruction
  • Professional Trainings
  • R.A.D. Systems Training
  • Self-defense courses (custom)
  • Seminars

Firearms classes for ALL levels of shooters



Active Shooter training.
Call for a custom training at your site.






Mission Statement

The mission of P.A.T.R.O.L. Systems LLC is to provide current, relevant, and authentic training in the areas of leadership, firearms, personal protection, and social issues. We want to be advocates for citizens to protect themselves through use of our countries founding principles, but also instill honor and respect for fellow citizens. Through the training of our personal protection methods and leadership skills, we hope to reduce violence and protect what is most sacred to all, life.

Visions and Goals

Our vision is to re-establish a high moral attitude with our students, so that they may pass along the same to all they meet in society. We will attempt to accomplish this through socially relevant training, which will include accredited online trainings, as well as our already acclaimed onsite training. We will emphasize Christian principles and utilize our target programming to instill HONOR! We at P.A.T.R.O.L. Systems LLC see Honor as the first and most necessary piece of character. We believe with Honor, all else falls into place.

We also want to develop a specialized Pro Shop which offers a few, but important selection of products relevant to our operations. Items for self defense, certain fitness products, and educational videos to name a few. We do not want to become a major online merchant, but understand that certain products may compliment our educational trainings.

P.A.T.R.O.L. Systems is different than many you may find. We offer eclectic topics, but you will find we are not hobbiests. Instruction is backed up by education AND experience. We are not part-timers. We are not half-hearted. We BELIEVE in our ability to deliver on training topics presented. We do not want you to fall for the flashy sales, inexperienced instructors, and other's insatiable desire to simply pose as people who "know".